Home Automation: Live Easy with a Smart Home

Having a busy life is a huge challenge for anyone especially if you have a family who relies on you. From taking care of your children to managing your errands at the office to meeting friends and still making yourself looks sane, we know how stressful it is to get through all those things. We have good news for you! Monitoring your home and family remotely is now possible with home automation system.

What is Home Automation?

home automationHome automation is an electrical system that can be easily set up in your home so you can take control of your appliances and utilities, even remotely. Whether at home or outside, you are always at ease knowing that you are updated and in control with what’s happening around your home.

With the right level of understanding, you can automate almost anything in your home. Here are some examples you can pursue;

  • Turn on and turn off the lights in your room automatically. You can even control its brightness,
  • Save light energy through time controlled lighting system
  • Protect your home with motion controlled lights.
  • Save energy and reduce the bills by controlling your energy wastage.
  • Set alarms,
  • Check cameras
  • Check if your home is securely locked by logging into the home automation system using a remote control.
  • Set your house temperature when you’re out or going home.
  • Open and shut blinds.
  • Set your appliances ready as soon as you wake up or get back from work.

Benefits of Using Home Automation

Home Automation products can be categorized under the following product idea solutions:

1. Home Safety and Security

Make sure your family is safe and secure even when you are away or sleeping. Home security products include:

  • Smart door locks
  • Live streaming video surveillance using IP cameras
  • Flammable gas detector
  • Emergency Buttons
  • Fire Detector
  • Motion Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Door Detector
  • Window Detector

2. Energy Management

You can save energy and reduce the bills with the following sample home automation products:

  • Smart switches
  • Dimmers
  • LED Driver and Dimmers
  • Lighting Control System
  • Thermostats
  • Power Outlets

3. Child Care

Today's technology has made it possible to extend your "care" to your loved ones remotely. With home automation products, you can now check how your children are doing at home while you are away. You can also control your appliances so that they will experience outmost convenience.  The following child care products can help you do that and many more. 

  • Motion Detector
  • Live streaming video surveillance using IP cameras
  • Lighting Control System
  • Thermostat

4. Entertainment

 Find a great collection of home automation products geared towards home entertainment below.

  • Background Music System
  • Wireless Gateway (LAN)
  • Home Theater

5. Convenience

With home automation products, you can control the thermostat of your home while you are still a few minutes away from home. This will ensure your home will not be too hot or cold when you arrive.

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Climate Actuators
  • Floor Heating
  • Environmental Conditioning
  • Home Appliance Control
  • Motorized Curtains

How Can I Get Home Automation System?

If you need more info or help in setting up home automation systems, please contact us or request a demo.

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