The Fibaro System Will Give You an Intelligent Home

Fibaro SystemThe Fibaro System offers the best home automation system in the market. It is more than just an intelligent system of electrical appliances. It will be your personal manager who will take care of you and your family. Let me prove this to you by showing what Fibaro System is capable to do.

Basic Functions

The basic functions of Fibaro System will allow you to do the following:

  • Turn on/off or control any individual appliance
  • Detect fire
  • Detect flood
  • Detect motion
  • Vary the brightness of light thru dimmers
  • Open and shut down roller blinds and awnings
  • Control LED lighting

Your Intelligent House Manager

 The Fibaro system will alert you of any significant incident and allow you to program the appropriate response to each incident by using “scenes”.  A scene is a programmed sequence of events to make individual pieces of equipment turn on or off automatically. To better understand scenes, here are some examples of what you can do with Fibaro System.

Wake up Happy with Fibaro SystemCome home happy with Fibaro SystemHome theater with Fibaro System

Scene 1: Perfect Wake Up

  • The house wakes you up with your chosen tune; it will gradually increase the volume to the pre-set level'.
  • The roller blinds are pulled up to let natural light come in.
  • Once you get up, the lights to the bathroom opens up.
  • The TV turns on for morning news.
  • The coffee maker is turned on.
  • The tub is filled up with hot water.

Scene 2: Coming Home

  • The garden lighting and fountain will turn on.
  • The gate will open.
  • The lights in the garage will open.
  • The fan in the garage is turned on if there is high concentration of CO.
  • Lights on the corridor will open upon your entry.
  • The room temperature will be adjusted according to your preferences.
  • Coffee will be ready.
  • Chicken is ready for dinner.

Scene 3: Watching a Movie at Home

  • The blinds go down.
  • The lights grow dim.
  • Your TV and Blu-Ray turns on automatically.
  • The thermostat is adjusted according to your preferences.

home automation: fire detection

Fibaro system works not only for your daily convenience; it will also help you get through emergencies such as flood or fire.

Scene 4: Flooding

  • The system will detect the excess water.
  • The system will alarm you via the lighting or sound system.
  • The system will also notify you via text or email.

Scene 5: Fire

  • The smoke detector will activate the alarm.
  • Lights will be switched into flash mode to make it visible to your neighbors.
  • All windows will be opened. All doors will be unlocked. The garage door will be opened.
  • The gas supply will be cut off.
  • Thermostat and other air conditioning devices are turned off to prevent smoke from spreading in the house.
  • Audio will play warning message and evacuation procedures.
  • Special pre-configures lighting will guide you to the exit through an escape route.

Is it Safe?

Fibaro uses a Z-wave based home automation. This wireless technology tool runs on a different frequency from Wi-Fi which is definitely not easy to hack without some advanced equipment or skills.

Benefits of Fibaro System

Non -invasive installation process

The Fibaro modules can be integrated to any existing electrical system without changing the building structure. For your safety, you can have it installed by an electrician. The installation is fast and cheap.

Each module can be installed within 3 minutes! The electrician only needs to remove a given switch from the wall, disconnect it from the wires coming out of the wall, connect the Fibaro module to the wires,  reconnect the switch to the module and then screw the switch into the wall.  After installing, each device will need to be registered to the Fibaro Home Center database.

Easy to Use

The Fibaro System is easy to use. You can define scenes and set-up dependencies on your own. If you do not like the initial outcome or you simply changed your mind, you can re-configure it easily until it suits your taste. The interface was made simple so you do not need to call a specialist to use the basic functions of set-up scenes.

Reasonably Priced

This intelligent home automation system is affordable. The Fibaro system is actually among the least expensive option in its group.

How Can I Get Fibaro System?

If you wish to know more about Fibaro or interested in availing a Fibaro system, please contact us or request a demo. We are more than willing to help you get your own personal house manager with the Fibaro System.

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