Protect your family from burglary, flood, fire or pollution with these home security products that are now made available here in the Philippines. Here are some of the benefits of installing home security solutions for your family.

  • These products will alarm you of danger in the soonest time possible so you will have enough time to rescue your family from harm.

  • Some of these home security products like the Wireless Automated Manipulator can actually prevent fire by automatically turning off the source of flammable gas as soon as it detects gas leakage.

  • Aside from security, it will also help you save energy consumption by turning your appliances on or off automatically based on the amount of light, temperature or gas detected.

  • Create the illusion that you are still at home even when you are away to discourage illegal intrusion.

  • Give your children a means to easily contact you in case of emergency.

Featured Products in Home Security

1. Sensor with 12 Functions

The module is capable of providing 12 functions in one compact, and easy to install package. The SB-CMS-12in1 can detect temperature, Lux, motion and ultrasound, as well as support 2 dry contact inputs, 2 universal switches, transmit IR codes, 2 channel relays and logic control. This combination of functions ensures that the module saves energy as well as space.

A common application often created is to manage the temperature of a room when vacant or occupied. If the sensors detect that the room has a high temperature, and the motion sensor is then triggered, the SB-CMS-12in1 will send a command to the HVAC system via IR to activate the air conditioner. When the room is vacated, the sensor will then send a command to turn off lights, HVAC, etc., for maximum energy saving. With 32 logic blocks users can create a diverse range of applications, which can meet the needs of multiple situations.



2. Wireless Curtain Detector

It can detect body motion, but also can detect the direction that people get in and get out. It can link other smart devices to be turned on/off, such as lights, TV to create the illusion that the house owner is at home so as to frighten illegal behaviors.




3. Security Module

Multiple security modes can be activated at the same time, and in different situations. Common security modes are daytime, nighttime, holiday, home and away. These modes can also work in conjunction with a timer, to only activate at a specified time, or certain areas of the building can be protected or unprotected simultaneously. Alarms can also be given if gas is detected, or an emergency button is pressed.


The alarm system is able to alert the user immediately of any abnormal situation via SMS message. This means that regardless of the users’ location, they can be quickly notified, and take the necessary measures to resolve the situation.




4. Ceiling Mount Sensor Air Quality

Multiple compounds can be detected such as cigarette smoke, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ethanol, methane, isobutene, alcohol, etc. This gives the user a comprehensive analysis of the air-quality, and allows them to take the appropriate action.


With 24 logic blocks capable of operating in AND & OR states, various applications can be created. As an example an application could be to transmit the air quality information to a touch screen, or broadcast the information to the background music module, or even trigger a fan or air purification system to clean the air when it becomes polluted.



5. Wireless Automated Manipulator 

Wireless Automated Manipulator is used to turn on/off flammable gas valve automatically when there is gas leakage. It is highly automated and intelligentized. When the Gas Detector detects that the gas concentration is higher than the default value, Wireless Automated Manipulator will cut off gas supply automatically to safeguard your life and property.





6. Wulian Wireless Flammable Gas Detector

Wulian Wireless Flammable Gas Detector can detect the concentration of the particular flammable gas in the air. When the concentration reaches the preset value, the detector will send out alarm signal. Moreover, the detector is equipped with temperature sensor inside for detecting the temperature in the air. When temperature exceeds 65℃, it will send out alert. Also, it can bind with alarm devices and send out wireless signals to activate the alarm when it is triggered.







7. Wulian Wall Emergency Button

Wulian Wall Emergency Button has emergency alarm triggering function which can help you to call for help at the crucial moment. Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom, it is no wire and is convenient to use.

For example, when the old and children are alone at home, they can press the button to alarm in case of emergency. And their family will receive the message through the smart phone or ipad, and deal with it immediately.







8. SmartRoom Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Sensor 

establishes a new safety shield for smart home system. Wherever you are, you won’t be bothered by unexpected visitors. The main body and magnetic part are installed at two sides of the door / window / drawer respectively, and alerting signals will be sent to your smart phones in the event of the door or window is opened illegally. Moreover, it will trigger other warning devices to threaten illegal behaviors.




 9. Wireless Smoke/Fire Detector

Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless technology, Wireless Smoke (Fire) Detector is mainly used to detect the smoke concentration in the air and send alarm signals to the smart mobile terminals via ZigBee network when the smoke concentration is higher than default value. Meanwhile, it can connect Wireless Water Valve, Wireless Window Operator and Electric Fan to avoid fire disaster or prevent further danger.




10. Wulian Wireless Smart Lock

Smart lock comes with an intelligent terminal where you can enter the password to open the door. It can also be opened remotely. Smart lock has a more complete protection mechanism. You and your family can get the information immediately if there is anyone who opens,locks or counter locks the door.






11. Smartroom Wireless Flood Detector

    SmartRoom Wireless Flood Sensor uses the liquid conductive principle to detect whether there is water with electrodes and then transfers to a dry contact with a sensor. Alerts will be triggered when the probe detects water higher than 1mm and it can link the Wireless Water Valve to cut off the water supply. It is easy to install and operate and widely applied in kitchen, bathroom, etc.





12. IP Cameras

You can now monitor your home and family remotely using IP cameras. IP cameras are mainly used as surveillance videos because it can transmit live videos online securely. These IP cameras are easy to set-up and integrates with other cameras from other manufacturers easily.

You can access your videos from almost any mobile device.


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