Any home can be a smart home. Enjoying the benefits of smart home control in the Philippines just got easier.

What is Smart Home Control?


Smart home control lets you use the power of the internet of things into your home. The internet of things is simply a collection of things that are connected and “talk” to each other thru a smart hub. We effectively make these things smart so they can react intelligently according to circumstances.

Benefits of Smart Home Control.

Smart home control helps you protect your family

Make sure your doors and windows are locked with just a button press. Set-up IP cameras which will send you live streaming videos to your mobile phone or tablet. Receive alerts for emergency situations like flooding, fire or suspected intrusion.

Smart home control automatically adjusts to your daily routine.

Aside from security benefits, you can also use smart home control to make your family more comfortable. Wake up to a beautiful morning by setting up your favorite song to play and the curtains to open by the time you need to wake up. Set the lights to open automatically in your hallway, kitchen, sala, bathroom or any part of the house when someone is approaching. You can set the thermostat to the right temperature on the way home so it is ready when you arrive. Set the right lighting, thermostat, audio and video settings with one button press for your movie nights. You can also turn off all the remaining lights at once just before you sleep.

Smart home control helps you save money.

Automatically turn off lights and aircon when the room is unoccupied. Any standby device can be turned off automatically to reduce power consumption. Know if there are any water leaks as soon as it is detected to save on home repairs. You can even set-up smart home control in your vacation home.

Smart home control lets you stay connected to your loved ones.

Monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere. You can access live videos and other home control settings in your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, PC or even your smart TV. Receive a text message as each of your children reaches home.Get notifications whenever anything unusual such as water leaks, flood or fire happens.

Are you Ready for your Smart Home?

If you wish to get more information about setting up your own smart home control, please contact us or request a demo.

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