Sensor with 12 functions

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Sensor with 12 functions

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Sensor with 12 functions

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Product Description

The SB-CMS-12in1 is able to detect temperature, luminosity, motion and ultrasound. This functionality is extended by the modules ability to control 200 targets via IR, and accept 2 dry contact inputs.

Multifunctional sensor

The module is capable of providing 12 functions in one compact, and easy to install package. The SB-CMS-12in1 can detect temperature, Lux, motion and ultrasound, as well as support 2 dry contact inputs, 2 universal switches, transmit IR codes, 2 channel relays and logic control. This combination of functions ensures that the module saves energy as well as space.

Motion detection

The PIR sensor is able to work in conjunction with the ultrasound sensor to provide extended movement detection. This combination approach ensures that the sensors in the SB-CMS-12in1 work in conjunction with each other, to maximize energy efficiency and system functionality.

Relay output

With the ability to output 2 channel relays which support 5A current, users can control the switching of lights and fans without the need for separate independent switches. This enables the user to save time during installation as less wiring is required.

IR emitter

With an inbuilt IR emitter the SB-CMS-12in1 is able to control various devices and appliances which utilize IR communication. In a typical home the control of televisions, air conditioners, and DVD players can be achieved via a single SB-CMS-12in1 module.

Multiple Logic controlled application

A common application often created is to manage the temperature of a room when vacant or occupied. If the sensors detect that the room has a high temperature, and the motion sensor is then triggered, the SB-CMS-12in1 will send a command to the HVAC system via IR to activate the air conditioner. When the room is vacated, the sensor will then send a command to turn off lights, HVAC, etc., for maximum energy saving. With 32 logic blocks users can create a diverse range of applications, which can meet the needs of multiple situations.

Security integration

The SB-CMS-12in1 can be seamlessly integrated with HDL security solutions. This is made possible by the modules two dry contact inputs, these inputs could be connected to door or window. In case the door or window keeps open for some time, the dry contact can send signal to trigger the HDL security system.

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