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With the fast-paced and divergent lifestyle in this digital age, how fitting and high time it is to consider a technology which would allow you to come home without fail to a well-managed, comfortable, convenient and efficient household without exerting much effort or hiring an extra person. With Zigbee Smart Home, any home can turn into a smart home with its very impressive automated features that you can program yourself. Your television or mobile device will serve as your control panel that could dictate the responses of traditional devices and appliances you have at home. With the seamless networking of your devices, you can achieve your goals in less time and effort. You can control the reaction of things to produce the outcome that you desire.

As the saying goes, “Together we achieve more.” This is also true with a smart home-controlled set of devices. This technology extends and increases the functionality of your electronic or battery-operated devices. It somehow gives devices a mind controlled by its owner. Home automation after all is about “the internet of things” which is how every device will be networked to work seamlessly with its human master in managing the house to its greater advantage.


Zigbee Smart Home is the original and open global wireless standard that conveniently and affordably connects together a universal range of devices from a portable device. It is not limited to a certain brand or manufacturer but actually interoperable with various systems and manufacturers. Currently, ZigBee is being used by many well-known cable and telecommunication companies that includes Time Warner Cable, Videocon, Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, Rogers, Deutsche Telekom and EchoStar. Its connected lighting enables many interesting applications and improves energy efficiency like dimming, turning on and off or changing the color of multiple lights with a single button press and configuring an endless stream of scenarios in your living room from a movie house to a dance floor or whatever you can think of.


It boasts of having a reliable system with its mesh networking that enables communication to be seamless and far-reaching having remaining nodes that continues to relay messages even when one node fails. It synchronizes with Wifi as it separately operates on AES 128 encryption, a government, commercial and military grade encryption being used across the internet.


It requires less power too and sometimes none at all. Its green power feature also allows for certain devices like light switches to operate with no power. Your battery-operated devices can be used up to 7 years. With Zigbee Home automation, you can program it to automatically turn your lights on and off at certain times of the day to save energy. Security system can be extended to include a variety of other sensors like detecting leaks and thereby, saving you on costly repairs. Problems are easily prevented if monitored and acted on immediately. It also gives you the convenience of pre-arranging your day as you wake up by setting up the audio system to play your favourite music radio station when the alarm rings, turning on the lights in your bathroom and adjusting its water heater automatically 5 minutes before the alarm goes off so you can just breeze into the bathroom and take a warm bath.


Its cloud connection enables you to control and monitor your home from almost anywhere in the world. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your home’s security and updated with what’s going on at home wherever you may be. You can also easily change the settings and commands on your house in your Android device or other remote control as you desire. You are in full control of everything that transpires in your house and the good thing is it’s all just in your fingertips.


Easily one of the noblest inventions as we see how it can empower the elderly and disabled to enjoy normal lifestyle with just a few clicks on the remote. Zigbee-enabled remote controls do not require line of sight. Devices react to it by a simple wave of the remote. Motion sensors browse on-screen content, change channels and volumes and even allows you to find your missing remote. Undeniably, it can make life worth living and easier for them even without the presence of caregivers or institutional care. This does not only build their self-worth and confidence but also empowers them to do things on their own.


Your house is secured with surveillance cameras and sensors that can immediately alarm you of any abnormality or suspicious activity straight to your mobile device. The whole property will be protected from bad elements and hazardous conditions like gas leaks, flooding or fire by keeping you alerted, well-informed and able to act accordingly.

It is no doubt that people are increasingly showing greater appreciation for a better quality of life through this technology. That is why Zigbee Smart Home continues to be the industry leader in building smarter homes to provide more consumers greater convenience, comfort, security and energy savings in their homes. If you wish to know more about the products we offer, please contact us.

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